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Aerostich / Riderwearhouse - Product and Catalog History.

Aero Design & Mfg. Co. Inc. was formed in 1983 to develop a completely new type of textile-based gear for motorcyclists. We wanted to invent a lightweight armored garment offering convenience, comfort, and high levels of protection in bad weather and crashes - all combined in a coverall-type suit made for everyday motorcycle use. That garment was (and still is...) named the Roadcrafter suit.

The new suit needed to be very quick and easy to get on and off, and light enough to wear over regular clothing in warmer weather. Several then-recent textile advances made this new type of garment possible. Two important ones were Gore-Tex breathable membranes and Cordura nylon fabrics. Combining these two (for the first time ever) created a new material that allowed Aerostich to invent the world's first lightweight, armored, abrasion and weather resistant textile motorcycle riders suit.

Sometimes riders did not understand the new Aerostich Roadcrafter's unconventional coverall-inspired design and its advantages. Leather gear was the standard then, so the new Cordura/Gore-tex material's strength, abrasion resistant capabilities and crash-protective qualities (compared to leathers) were unknown and widely suspect. To help 'explain' the garment better we sold them only by mail order, using detailed catalog descriptions. Each suit also came with a four page owner's manual describing how to wear and take care of a Roadcrafter suit.

Today we offer several varieties of advanced technology riders suits and provide extensive alteration and repair services. Textiles provide excellent protection, but they are more sacrificial in crashes than leathers so this is important. From the start, we learned how to provide a precise, accurate fit from telephoned sizing information.

In 1995 we began adding a few related resale items to Aerostich's mail order catalog. Today the catalog offers several thousand specialized products that help make riding better, safer, more comfortable and easier. Many of the 'Aerostich Riderwearhouse' catalog items are unique, or hard to find elsewhere. Please request a catalog.

Every Aerostich manufactured product is subject to a process of continuous incremental refinement. Each is intended to make motorcycling easier, more convenient, more comfortable, safer or better. Selling Aerostich gear factory-direct allows us to provide the best service and prices. Each customer receives expert answers to questions about a product's fit, function, care and use.

Thank you for you sharing.

Thank you for you sharing.

Aerostich / Riderwearhouse

A new fabric treatment for the rider whose jacket, pants or riding suit has mysteriously become smaller over the winter.

Aerostich/ RiderWearHouse

Aerostich/ RiderWearHouse, the place to find motorcycle jackets, suits, helmets, boots, gloves, tools, bags, and other accessories to help make riding better in all.

That's the spirit. I don't

That's the spirit. I don't agree that you have to own a bike to learn how to ride a bike. I also don't own a bike but i know how to ride it. Hope you will succeed to learn to ride and participate in rally. All the best.

I don't either and i'm still

I don't either and i'm still going to go!



Will there be a Andy Goldfine look alike contest?
Will Mr.Smiley be a prerequisite for this event?
My Mr.Smiley is a little shy. After this event I'm hoping he will get over it.

Looking forward to 2018

Looking forward to hearing when in August the 2018 VBR will be scheduled. Real excited to go and watch the Trials event if they have them. If not ~ rides, food and camping will be fun. Look forward to advice on threads by those who have gone before as well.

Had a great time at the last one.

Looking forward to the 2018 rally. I always go for a nice ride up the shore to get a Grain Belt and some smoked fish from Russ Kendall's fish house. Nothing better.