The Very Boring Rally

The VBR 3

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The next Very Boring Rally is tentatively scheduled for August, 2018. It will be our 35th Anniversary. Sign up here and be the first to hear about 2018 VBR events, performers, contests and more.

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Thanks for coming to the Boring Rally! Yaaay!!!

What happened at the VBR3?

  • Aerostich’s 30th Anniversary.
  • Moto-related activities a-plenty.
  • Food, fun, friends, foolishness.
  • Big fancy-ass door prizes and other such hoo-ha.
  • Campfires, Cocktails, ‘n Smores. (mmm…)
  • Three times as boring as the 2008 VBR II.
  • ‘Collectable’ VBR 3 swag.
  • Mix with the famous and the foolish – at the exact same time.
  • A Mr. Happy Puppet reunion.

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